Book Update

Pete Bull, Steven Williams and Jonathan Gadsby, three UK based RMNs, are very pleased to announce that we have sent the full text of our multi-authored Critical Mental Health Nursing book to the publishers (PCCS Books).

The chapters are written by a range of authors, some are nurses, some have used services or cared for people who have, some are academics and some are a combination of those categories! Some first made themselves known to us via this website, others are personal contacts or responded to general invitations to submit a chapter. Some have been extensively published before, some never. We are very excited about this book; it is personal, it is political, it is scholarly and it is often very moving. It is a book containing idealism and real experiences, just like nursing.

If you have wondered what kinds of things mental health nurses talk about when they express alternative perspectives and ask hard questions about what they do, then we hope that this book will serve as a good introduction. Mental health nurses are not new to critical thinking, nor to critical writing. However, such writing is usually embedded within other publications or sits uncomfortably alongside more mainstream articles. In that way, the writing is rather like the authors themselves, who often try to get along the best they can within institutions or in teams that may have limited time or desire to hear some of the harder questions.

We very much hope that this new book will spark many further discussions and we are proud that it will be part of PCCS Books’ catalogue. We are very grateful for the way that they have assisted us through the editing processes.

All being well, the book should be available to buy in just a few months.

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