Legalised discrimination? Is the Mental Health Act a fundamental impediment to developing better ways of responding to human suffering?

This is the second of the write-ups of the conference workshops from Birmingham in Sept 2015. We are very grateful to Gary Sidley for his continued support of the Network and for the strong leadership he has provided to think about the Mental Health Act. His session was very well attended. Please feel free to comment, ask... Continue Reading →

Mark’s Story

The following is an interview, conducted with Mark Evans. The Network would like to thank Mark for this comprehensive and personal piece, which explains why he has chosen to leave the profession immediately after qualifying. At our recent conference, it was noted that one of the problems with teaching students a more critical outlook is... Continue Reading →

Next Steps

Dear Critical Mental Health Nurses' Network, Thank you very much for making yesterday so special. Thank you to everyone who travelled such large distances. Over the next few days you can expect: Summaries of the presentations and workshop discussions. A digest of the feedback you gave. Details of the document we made together in the... Continue Reading →

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