Next Steps

Dear Critical Mental Health Nurses’ Network,

Thank you very much for making yesterday so special. Thank you to everyone who travelled such large distances. Over the next few days you can expect:

  • Summaries of the presentations and workshop discussions.
  • A digest of the feedback you gave.
  • Details of the document we made together in the final session of the day, including the ongoing projects that we decided upon.
  • The publication of another ‘nursing story’, which we know will be of great interest.

Please feel free to continue to add to these documents by commenting on them – it is really helpful to us all, especially the authors. Please continue to think about the day and consider writing to us (or commenting here) with any further reflections you may have. We have already had some requests to provide emails. If you would like to get in touch with anyone but did not manage to get their details, let us know.

Longer-term, you can also expect some reports on the projects that several of us visited in Derby and Sheffield during August. There was not time to discuss these yesterday, but they represent a significant moment – the most organised attempt to date by the Hearing Voices Movement to work within in the NHS.

Thank you once again. Please stay in touch! Please consider writing for the Network!

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