Dear Friends,

We have been doing a lot of work to pull together a conference we feel very excited about attending. The 9th of September will be a day to meet others and turn critical thinking into important initiatives and action. The programme is going to include many of the themes which have been emerging through conversations, the first conference in Durham and through this website. In particular there will be a workshop helping us to think about coercion in greater detail, which will be made even more topical in the coming weeks as we report back on visits we are making to projects in Sheffield to run an acute ward ‘force-free’ – there will be many many questions about this and we hope to learn from their experiences together. In another workshop we are going to be hearing from university tutors about their experiences and efforts to include more critical nursing into UK courses. One of the hopes for the day is to pull together such experiences to create plans to further influence the training of nurses in the UK. As at the Durham conference, there will be contributions from service-users (also part of the planning group), continuing to keep user-experience in the centre of this network. There will also be a workshop to introduce nurses to some of the critical voices within other professions and in particular the movement frequently referred to as ‘community psychology’ which we know will be of great interest.

The venue is great and the price is as low as possible! There are plenty of spaces and we want to fill them! You’ll get lunch and snacks and the chance to participate in a ‘socialist’ book scheme in which you can walk away with some great new reading material to help you pull together your critical ideas about mental health – for FREE. We are delighted that one of the key publishers of critical mental health material in the last 5 years, PCCS books, will be attending the conference (with a short slot to introduce themselves), and we happen to know that one or two authors will be joining us too! So, please spread the word about this event. Our hope is that this will be a day that we will all be able to look back on and say ‘that is when we began to get ourselves organised!’

Please book your ticket by clicking on this eventbrite link!

Eventbrite - The 2nd Critical Mental Health Nurses Network Event: Working together to reclaim mental health nursing

Please print our flyer to put on your office/ward/university wall, and distribute to colleagues! CMHN Network Event Flyer September 2015_WEB-2

Please share the link to this webpage:

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 17.09.15

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