Student MHN Classroom response to Dan Warrender

Dear Dan Warrender,We are a group of 3rd year mental health nursing students in the UK, completing our first field-specific module in the Future Nurse Curriculum. Today we have spent several hours with our tutor discussing your recent paper,┬áMental health nursing and the theory-practice gap: Civil war and intellectual self-injury.We found it very striking and... Continue Reading →

The latest from the network

September 2021 Dear Critical Mental Health Nurse,Greetings from the Midlands, United Kingdom, to wherever you are! When ten of us mental health nurses began this journey nearly ten years ago, first with discussions and later the formation of a critical mental health nurses network, a couple of conferences and a website, we did not know... Continue Reading →

Mental Health in a time of Climate Emergency

Dear Readers, The following two documents explore the theme of mental health in a time of climate emergency. Next week will see the largest single act of civil disobedience the United Kingdom has ever witnessed, as the non-violent direct action group, 'Extinction Rebellion' again take to the streets, squares and bridges of the capital. What... Continue Reading →

MHA Report Response No.1

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be several blog posts that are written in response to the Government's independent┬áMental Health Act Review, Dec 2018. This first post is a critique of a central underlying assumption of the review. In it, Jonathan Gadsby argues that by framing the debate in terms of autonomy... Continue Reading →


We announced it on twitter, but here is a short post about our book. In September this year, PCCS published a book compiled by three of us, Pete Bull, Stephen Williams and Jonathan Gadsby. It has been described as a 'first': a critical book about mental health nursing, written largely by mental health nurses. It... Continue Reading →

What’s going on right now?

We are collaborating on a document that we hope brings together the views and ideas of our discussion about conscientious objection to enforcing pharmaceutical interventions. Soon we will be posting it up here for comments and feedback. That will also be a time for us to decide if it is going to be something to... Continue Reading →

Book Update

Pete Bull, Steven Williams and Jonathan Gadsby, three UK based RMNs, are very pleased to announce that we have sent the full text of our multi-authored Critical Mental Health Nursing book to the publishers (PCCS Books). The chapters are written by a range of authors, some are nurses, some have used services or cared for... Continue Reading →

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