Student MHN Classroom response to Connell et al.

Dear Chris Connell, Emma Jones, Michael Haslam, Jayne Firestone, Gill Pope and Christine Thompson, We are class of mental health nursing students in the UK, a mixture of BSc nursing students and some 'RNDA' students (also degree-level nursing students but completing pre-qualification education as apprentices). Most of us are doing the standard Future Nurse Curriculum... Continue Reading →

My Journey to Becoming a Critical Mental Health Nurse (Part 1)

I’ve just completed my second year of nurse training, but my journey began many years ago. I’ve always been known amongst friends and family for being both a deep thinker, and a little eccentric; I have a natural tendency to dig deeper and resist the status quo. I had the “6 Cs”, as we all do to varying degrees, but I believe my questioning nature was key to developing them. I would rather show than explain how I feel this happened, so what follows is narrative, rather than analysis.

My parents split when I was three, and in a decision practically unheard of in the seventies, custody was awarded to my father. My mother’s lack of emotional stability was cited as the main reason, something I was more reminded of by people other than herself. I accepted this and got on with growing up. What seemed like an outward course leading away from childhood began.

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