Perpetuating unkindness

We are very grateful to Dr Alec Grant, who has contributed the following post. Alec is Reader in Narrative Mental Health in the School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton. He originally trained as a mental health nurse in the 1970s, then as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist. After teaching and writing in these areas for many... Continue Reading →

Psychopolitics in the 21st Century

The following post is by Jonathan Gadsby, and is a report on a conference that he attended following an invitation to the CMHNN by one of the supporting organisations, the Social Work Action Network (SWAN). SWAN are the social work equivalent of the CMHNN (more information can be found on their website.) Thank you to... Continue Reading →

The Mental Health Act: Legalised Discrimination

The following post is from Gary Sidley. We asked Gary to write for us following his contributions to the Durham conference, especially on the subject of the Mental Health Act. Gary's post speaks for itself. Readers will find it raises some profound and political questions. Please let us know your thoughts (by commenting on this... Continue Reading →

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